About Celia du Preez and the story behind Celia in Africa
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Welcome to Celia in Africa!


My name, Celia, is from Latin descent, and a common Spanish name, which means “of the heavens, heavenly or musical”.


A Zulu name has been given to me by a Shaman (African Medicine Man) I once met.  In ancient language the name is “Qhwebezani” and as he explained, the translation for that as direct as possible means “shining light” which refers to the shimmering blue-green color you find in an oyster shell or the wings of a Starling.


I’m an adventurous spirit who can always see the humorous angle in any situation, in love with beauty and life, got a practical mind and an ability to organize.


I have a fond attraction for people of the earth who live simplistic but rich sustainable lives, together with authentic one-of-a-kind, handmade craftwork.


Our continent mother Africa, with its untapped beauty, its inexplicable richness, its independent old wise people, its array of colors and cultures, its patience with time, its tolerance of insanity and the teacher of spirituality, truth and wisdom – enthrall me.

My travels have led me through Western Europe, England, Wales and Scotland where existence is extremely structured with buildings, architecture, museums, cathedrals and Basilicas with perfectly tiny cobbled streets, are a fairytale look alike, where the arts and culture are very developed, delicate and distinct from country to country.


Then across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, and a very tiny coconut grove island enveloping a turquoise lake in the Kiribati named Fanning Island.   Pitch black beaches, and the rumbling earth where volcanoes drop masses of fiery lava into the ocean.


A hop to the north in between blue glaciers, tall dark green pine forests, a deep navy blue ocean, fjords, Grizzly Bears, schools of pink salmon and Blue Whales on a feeding frenzy… and this is nothing other than the exquisite nature lover’s haven called Alaska!


Whilst working on Cruise Liners, I’ve also been a pedestrian through the streets of Belize, Honduras and its islands, Guatamala with its endless rainforests, humidity, aquamarine ocean, rainbow colored parrots, and ruins from the Mayans and Aztecs.  I found a part of my vibrant soul in Acapulco on the Western side of Mexico, and more so in the Yucatan Peninsula where color is expressed in the language, the Latin beats on the dance floor, the food and the pure silver jewelry.   Exotic islands in the Carribean, Central America, and Madagascar to places totally off the beaten track in southern Africa.


Places where Baobab trees grow 6000 years old, waterfalls cure diseases, Grave Keepers to ancient Royal Burial sites are 101 years old, the first beaches on the planet are exposed 1600m above sea level, where paying respect to a sacred lake means looking at her through your legs, where ancient festivals are still celebrated and where tiger sharks and crocodiles share the same habitat.


I’m currently based in South Africa.  I’m holding the post of the Production Executive at Hayward’s Grand Safaris where I create five star luxurious tented safari events for illustrious clients, in inhospitable areas where no other hotels exist.   Read more here www.haywardsafaris.com


Through our expeditions in southern Africa, always in search of new territory for tented camps in places of significance, I often wonder off the beaten track looking for the pulse of the region and the heartbeat of the community, the local artisans, the storytellers and elders of a village, the sacred values of the area and the inspiration for what is created or traded.


This is a page dedicated to my travels and adventures, treasures I find and my experiences along the way.


Africa runs through my veins and its splendor is a beautiful backdrop for stories and crafts I will share with you.


So pull up a chair and let’s chat.