Inner Peace - African Stories - Celia in Africa
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It is quite fascinating, that when you are getting involved rather than sitting back and being a spectator, the universe lights up in a Technicolor rainbow.  Having a trademark for others to associate you with is important.  Maybe it is something you wear, something you say, a way of presenting your interests.  But that is only a drawing card or a conversation piece.  Being interesting is not what sets you apart from the crowds.  It is your inner ability to be interested in life, learning skills and the people around you.

Underneath this, there is a basic motivation each of us has to wake up in the morning and grab the day with enthusiasm.  It is your basic life purpose.  It is that motivation that defines your decisions, that grabs your attention and gives you the urge to do more and be better at what you do.  It also is strong enough to stop you and challenge you to go ahead or turn the other way.

Perhaps you are able to name exactly what this motivation is, or maybe you need a little time to ponder this over.  Once you know this, all the unknowns fall into place like a missing piece in a puzzle you finally found.

Celia du Preez

Our continent mother Africa, with its untapped beauty, its inexplicable richness, its independent old wise people, its array of colors and cultures, its patience with time, its tolerance of insanity and the teacher of spirituality, truth and wisdom – enthrall me.