The Motivation - African Stories - Celia in Africa
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Welcome to Celia in Africa.

Thank you for joining my journey.  I hope you will find the snippets valuable, entertaining or at least makes you want to visit the African continent.

I am an adventure seeker and outdoor worshipper.  Whether it is travelling down the road in a packed 4×4, or getting on a plane to visit a new destination, shopping in colorful African markets, creating safari event experiences for clients, sleeping under the stars amongst wildlife, experiencing the vibration in your stomach when a male lion roars or floating on a wooden canoe through crocodiles and hippos – I like to feel alive and part of life around me!

What about you?

Often I find myself going through photo albums and cherishing old memories.  For me, there is always a specific incident, a funny story or a series of events that are triggered by photographs.  Sometimes it is feel-good moments and you can enthuse those around you with that.  In olden days and especially in African folklore, story telling was a way of sharing traditions, passing on knowledge and exercising a sense of union between people.  In recent times, this is not always face to face anymore but rather across the electronic wavelengths of social media.

In Africa, story telling lives on.  The ancient tradition of Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies is exactly this.  The lady hosting the Coffee Ceremony wears a traditional garment, roasting coffee beans, serving popcorn and burning frankincense.  It is about granting each other time and space to share daily news.  It is about hospitality, making you as the participant feel welcome and exhibiting respect where elders are served first and visitors are expected to stay for the third round called “Baraka”, which means blessing.

It has been said that you can find out more about someone’s life and thoughts in an hour around a burning fire, than a lifetime in a boardroom.  Nature’s magic Africa is renowned for.

Celia du Preez

Our continent mother Africa, with its untapped beauty, its inexplicable richness, its independent old wise people, its array of colors and cultures, its patience with time, its tolerance of insanity and the teacher of spirituality, truth and wisdom – enthrall me.